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This ministry began in the dining room of the Pastor’s home on August 27, 1980. The members consisted of the Pastors, five of their children and one other lady.

        Because God is faithful that promised, the ministry began to grow and people began to come. The Father worked many miracles in the ministry in the areas of healing and deliverance.

        As the Lord continued to bless and the membership continued to grow it soon became apparent that a larger facility was necessary. We moved from the Pastors’ home to 2126 Arizona and God moved mightily. As with any ministry, people came, people went and some remained.

        The enemy struck and we went back to the Pastor’s home. God was faithful to sustain us. The membership began to grow again and in a short time we were looking for another building. A building was located on Idaho. We met there for about 3 weeks, but due to unscrupulous dealings of the minister we were renting from, it became necessary to go back to the Pastor’s home.

        Well, it appeared we were going in circles, but God was yet faithful. We met for approximately one month at the Pythian Manor on Illinois and God worked a miracle by unstopping deaf ears. And, it was back to the Pastors’ home once more.

        Apostle (Bishop, back then) diligently sought the face of the Lord for direction and a building. One day as the Pastors were out looking they located our first stable location @ 2827 S. Denley Drive, in the heart of Oak Cliff It was a five-bedroom rat and roach infested building that smelled something awful.

        Bishop had asked the Father for a place to begin with no credit check an for not more down than what we had saved up. Well, to God be the glory because God granted the request. While we were there and through much fasting, praying, seeking the face of the Lord, blood, sweat and tears, we possessed that land. God showed himself strong and mighty, through miracle after miracle. Plans for expansion were in the air. The ministry did expand.

        The Master helped us to establish several outreach ministries through the church. We have the Daughters of Sarah Synod and Men of the Master, a youth ministry, Praise & Worship Dancers, tape media ministry and several more ministries are being set into place within the church. The Lord blessed us to be in our previous location 17 plus years.

         In addition to all of the above there have been several ministries birthed within the church namely, The Anointing of Miriam, Purity in Praise, Jehovah Shammah and This Child Shall Live Ministry. A Day Care/Academy is in the working, an Illiterate Course and a sewing class and G.E.D. Program.  The Lord has been gracious enough to favor us with a Bus Ministry for picking-up and delivery of people tat desire to come to church.

        And when the fullness of time had come, the Father spoke and said it was time to move. Through much fasting, praying and seeking the face of the Lord, God showed Apostle Portley our present OSMI Headquarters location. The battle royal was in full array. God granted us victory and we took possession of the Lake June property June 10, 1998.  God granted another victory and allowed us to pay off the property on Lake June Road in May 2016.

        Praise God from who all blessings flow! Not only has He shown himself to be strong and mighty, He continues to show for his faithfulness.

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