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Apostle Raymond N. Portley has more than thirty years experience in the ministry and is the visionary and founder of Total Deliverance Church of Foundation of Faith, Inc., of Dallas, Texas, in the heart of Highland Hills, an inter-denominational assembly of believers.  This ministry came into manifestation on August 28, 1980 in the dining room of his home.  There were weekly Bible Studies conducted in the home, which expanded to the living room, the den and eventually to another facility because the need of space had surpassed that present space in the home. We were incorporated as Ordered Steps Ministries, Inc., in 1994. The church name was also changed to Total Deliverance Worship Center. In 2015, it was changed again to The Sanctuary of Dallas.


Apostle Portley had a call of God on his life since the age of sixteen, but did not heed that call until after his stint in the Military, during which time he served in leadership position in the Army Medical Corps as Spec E-5.  After accepting the call to the ministry, and being under leadership for many years, the Father is faithful and true promoted him to the position of Pastor, Bishop and Apostle.  Apostle, along with his wife Bishop Irma Portley, now serves as the Overseers of Ordered Steps Ministries, Inc. and has churches/ministries in Texas, Louisiana and California.


Apostle Portley has a strong anointing on his life for the deliverance ministry, especially in the area of casting out demons. He also has a strong anointing in leadership. Apostle Portley has traveled across this country during the work of an Evangelist, licensing and establishing churches, disrupting the kingdom of darkness, and has made his call and election sure.

Apostle Portley is a multi-talented and multifaceted individual.  He has experience in the areas of Insurance, Real Estate, and has attended D. Edwin Johnson Bible Institute of Dallas, TX, and Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, TX.  He has also received a Leadership Certification from Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, Ames, IA.  He had the honor to serve as the National Auxiliary Director and First Vice-President of the Full Gospel New Life Association under the Presiding Prelate Bishop J. Ardis Jones of True Vine Holy Temple in Dallas, TX.  Apostle & Bishop Portley have established the Ordered Steps Ministries School & Empowerment Center® which is geared toward the local church and reaching the community, by way of building a stronger foundation in Christ through Bible study.  He walks in a high level of integrity, much wisdom, and authority.  God has called him to impart and give instruction to men in general through the ministry called Men of the Master, which is designed to teach men how to become real men and to be all that they can be in Him.  God has also mandated that he teach ministers and pastors in particular.


He is the father of eight children, the grandfather of nineteen and great-grandfather of five.  He and his wife have also fostered eleven children, through his home in Dallas.  He has a soft spot in his heart for children and is concerned for their well being and place in the body of Christ. 



Bishop Irma Portley is an ordained teacher and preacher of the word of God. She is the co-founder, along with her husband Apostle Raymond Portley, of the Total Deliverance Worship Center of the Ordered Steps Ministries, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, TX. This ministry was manifested August 27, 1980 in the dining room of their home and is currently located at 10709 Lake June Road, Dallas, TX 75217.  Total Deliverance Worship Center named was changed to The Sanctuary of Dallas in January 2015.

Bishop Portley has attended the D. Edwin Johnson Bible Institute of Dallas, TX, for studies in Christian Education.  She has also attended Eastfield Community College where she earned an Associate Degree in Child Development graduating with honors and was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Society.  In 2013 Bishop Portley earned her Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministries from Mid-America Christian University graduating Suma Cum Laude of her class.

Bishop Portley is the founder of the Da’ters of Sara’ Synod (whose name changed to Charis Pneuma, which had its beginning in September of 1985. It is ministry to women that have been bruised, abused, and are broken in spirit. It teaches them how they can be all that Jesus said they could be, because of His Grace. It teaches the strong spirited women that protection is provided in the spirit of submission to their own husbands, according to the word of God.  She is currently working to establish The Total Deliverance School of Healing, teaching that healing is for the children of God and that anyone who believes can be healed. Bishop Portley has served as the National Secretary for the Full Gospel New Life Association, where Apostle J. Ardis Jones is the Presiding Prelate.

Bishop Portley and her husband are the parents of eight children; the grandparents of eighteen, great grandparents of five. They have also fostered eleven underprivileged children in their home. They are strong advocates for education. They believe that education is the key to unlocking unlimited potential and that education brings power and knowledge.

Apostle and Bishop Portley have traveled across this country teaching and preaching the unadulterated Word of God. They have seen many of God’s people delivered and set free from demonic oppression through the Ministry of Deliverance directed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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